Taiji Tournament

2023 Phoenix Chinese Week Taiji Tournament 2023


January 28, 2023, Saturday
First Chinese Baptist Church, Family Life Center (Gym)
4910 E. Earll Dr. Phoenix AZ 85018
Registration at 10:00 am on site
Competition starts at 11:00 am
Entry Fee: $10 per competitor per event

Competition Events*


Division 1 – age 45 years and under

D1-01 Taiji Quan Solo, men

D1-02 Taiji Quan Solo, women

D1-03 Taiji Sword/Weapon, men

D1-04 Taiji Sword/Weapon, women


Division 2 – age 46 years and above

D2-01 Taiji Quan Solo, men

D2-02 Taiji Quan Solo, women

D2-03 Taiji Sword/Weapon, men

D2-04 Taiji Sword/Weapon, women


Group Taiji Quan/Taiji Sword/Weapon (3 - 6 people/group, all ages and genders)

  1. Group Empty Hand Routine
  2. Group Weapon Routine


* Notes: - Forms competition only

  Time limit => 4 - 8 minutes



Contacts: Kenny Perez, (623)332-8632  sifukp@dynamicwushu.com