— Table Tennis Open


SUNDAY, Mar. 29 - 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

ARCH GYM – Phoenix Table Tennis Club 1550 W. Colter St., Phoenix, 85015 This annual tournament (including singles, doubles, team & juniors at different levels) is open to the public. The registration fee is $12 per event. Entry deadline is Feb. 5, 2020. Trophies/medals will be awarded to top winners. For entry forms and questions, contact Amoy Yang at amoy_y@yahoo.com or call 623-332-5808. Sponsored by Paddle Palace/Nitakku, Wentian Yang and Patrick Ekbundit.

History of the Phoenix Chinese Week Table Tennis Open

Contributed by: Amoy Yang, Event Director

The Chinese Week Table Tennis Open started with 4 tables and around 20 participants back in the year 2000. Since then, this annual event has been growing to more than 80 players who have participated in over 170 events among designated 4 singles, 2 doubles and 1 team, held in a professional gym with 14 butterfly top-quality tables. The chart below shows how it has grown through time.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 8.26.21 PM

Table tennis is a top-ranked sport event to Chinese Week since it represents the national sport of China, which goes much beyond table tennis itself while promoting culture exchange and relationship development. Due to such a powerful influence, many events have been on and off the Chinese Week tournament list but table tennis has stood the test of time and has grown each year, according to Amoy Yang, the event organizer since 2000. He not only broadcasted the event throughout multiple channels but also showed up at various locations to meet many players in person. To be distinctive and meaningful as rewards, all trophies and medals are specially designed to reflect each Chinese new year zodiac image along with the Chinese Week Logo, which has become a memorable collector item that has attracted many participants.

Many people await this traditional event each year and have seriously prepared by improving their skills and connecting with other table tennis fans. The registration usually starts two months in advance for processing paper-work, pairing for double and team events, as well as rating estimation for non-USATT members. The rating is important to make sure games are competitive at relative fair base since Chinese Week Table Tennis is open to everyone by accepting rated members and un-rated players. According to Yang, it is tough to set a temporary rating by reviewing references but you have to do something in order to make games competitive and fun.

According to Yang: “I feel proud to be a volunteer serving for our community. This is why I have been dedicated for the consecutive 14 years even though I traveled back to Phoenix for this event most of time in the past. For years, my efforts have been greatly encouraged by sponsors including Butterfly, Wentain Yang, John Lee,  Zhen Hu, David Dai, Patrick Ekbundit and Eastern Art Academy, the deepest thanks, on behalf of Phoenix Chinese Week. What is more, today’s success cannot be achieved without event coordinators – Gia Liu, Naomi Jin, Emily Jin, Karina Yang, Yali Zhang as well as so many fans and participants. Let’s work together to get bigger and stronger in the coming years.”

Anyone interested in table tennis, please contact: Amoy Yang at amoy_y@yahoo.com.

Event Director: Amoy X Yang

Event Volunteers: Gia Leu, Karina Yang

Event Sponsors: Butterfly, Wentain Yang, John Lee,  Zhen Hu, Patrick Ekbundit, David Dai

Results for 2015 Chinese Week Table Tennis Open
Events 1st Place 2nd Place
Open Singles Hu, Qingqing Truong, Le
U1800 Singles Qin, Jonathan Flecther, Brian
U1500 Singles He, Kan Liu, Eric
U1200 Singles Yan, Richard Chang, Richard
U3600 Doubles Fletcher, Darin + Flecther, Brian Chaturdedi, Pallav + Fuschino, Ping
U2800 Doubles Prasetyo, Nazetri + D'Souza, Rosario Tseng, Sean + Yang, Heidi
U6000 Team Fletcher, Darin + Fletcher, Brian + Jiang, Bingxing + Speropulos, Tom Tang, Jason + Fuschino, Mike + Hickman, David + Yang, Hong
Results for 2014 Chinese Week Table Tennis Open
Events 1st Place 2nd Place
Open Singles Hu, Qingqing Truong, Le
U1800 Singles Tang, Jason Cong, Jonathan
U1500 Singles Suarez, Jose D'Souza, Rosario
U1200 Singles Zhao, Jeb Tao, Liu
U1000 Jr. Singles Ruan, Anthony Qin, Jonathan
U3600 Doubles Wong, Stanley + Carpenter, Yali Leu, Gia + Whelpley, Jerry
U2800 Doubles Ng, Steven + Wong, Paul Tseng, Sean + Yang, Heidi
U6000 Team Truong, Le + Yan, Man + Yip, Richard + Zhao, Rujian Wong, Stanley + Carpenter, Yali + Ng, Steven + Kronburger, Richard

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2011 Table Tennis Open Winners

Open Singles: 1st: Xiaozhou Hu  2nd: Phuong Le


Click on below image to view 2010 Table Tennis Open Gallery, courtesy of Outpost 81