Virtual Children’s Pavilion

Children’s Pavilion

Paper Craft- Beginner

Folding Craft- Intermediate

Folding Craft- Advanced

“Spring” -Beginner

Pagoda – Intermediate

“Happiness”- Advanced

Year of the Ox New Year’s Scene

Learn to Write “Happy New Year” in Chinese

Year of the Ox New Year’s Scene

Learn to Write “Fortune, Prosperity, Longevity” in Chinese

Chopstick Challenge

Materials Needed: Chopsticks, bowls or mat, timer, small foods

Beginner level: soft candies, popcorn, marshmallows (Tip: rubber band may be used to hold chopstick ends together)

Intermediate level: beans, m&m’s/skittles, jellybeans, tic-tacs, nuts, cereal, goldfish

Expert level: marbles, uncooked rice, small seeds

Chopstick Challenge:

1 Player or more

Rules: Place food items in a bowl or on a mat in the center of the table. Set the timer for 1 minute. Whichever player transfers the most number of food items from the center bowl to their own bowl wins the game!

(If 1 player- try to beat your own timed record)

Chopstick Relay:

4 Players or more

Rules: Split players into 2 teams, with each team on one side of the table. Each team will choose the leader. Set empty bowl in front of each player. Place 1 full bowl of food items next to the team leader. Set timer for 1 minute. Team leader transfers food item from full bowl to their empty bowl, and next player continues to pass food item down the row. Whichever team has more food items in their last bowl wins the game!

Chopstick Moneygrab:

2 Players or more

Rules: All players should start with an empty bowl. All players must provide some loose change and pool coins in the center of the table. Set timer for 1 minute. Whoever transfers the most number of coins, or ends up with the highest value of currency in their bowls wins the game! *Bonus:* Winner gets to keep their coins.

Lucky Envelope Game

During Lunar New Year, a popular tradition is gifting of the red envelope (known as, hóngbāo) to children, elders, friends and family. These lucky red envelopes are filled with money – and symbolize prosperity and luck for the new year. 

A fun spin on this tradition is to fill red envelopes with coins or cash and hide them around the house. Whoever finds the most red envelopes is the lucky winner- and gets to keep the cash!